UTHSC ASDA motivates and challenges all members to stay balanced. School and studying can weigh heavily upon students and can result in some new pressures and anxieties.  The ASDA Wellness Initiative is here to try to encourage classmates to remember to make healthy decisions, to highlight different avenues for a healthy lifestyle and to stay well rounded in all facets of life. Emotional health, physical health, intellectual health, occupational health and environmental health are the five pillars we strive to address to our members. Students can receive a lot of help in these five different dimensions of health without even leaving campus. It is critical that our members are informed of the countless opportunities provided by our school including counselors, the SAC recreation center, Doc’s field, a sand volleyball court, tennis courts and SASSI which provides a variety of help ranging from massages to tutoring. 



UTHSC Recreation Center: http://www.uthsc.edu/campusrec/

UTHSC Mental Health Services: https://www.uthsc.edu/univheal/student-services/student-mental-health/

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