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About ASDA Districts


There are chapters at all 66 dental schools throughout the US and Puerto Rico.  Each chapter is grouped regionally into 11 districts.  UTHSC ASDA is within District 4.


District 4 consist of seven dental schools in the Southeast:

  • Virginia Commonwealth 

  • East Carolina

  • University of North Carolina

  • Medical University of South Carolina

  • Meharry Medical College

  • University of Tennessee

  • Dental College of Georgia



District 4 Leadership

The District Cabinet is made up of 16 leaders from the seven dental schools.  In addition, each chapter president serves on the District Presidential Council and each chapter has one appointed one chapter liaison on the Membership Engagement Committee making for a total of 30 leaders.  The cabinet is lead by the District Trustee who is elected during National ASDA Annual Session by all seven chapters. UTHSC ASDA is extremely proud to have 7 serving on the District 4 Cabinet and Councils.



Annual Conferences

ASDA District 4 will come together three times during the 2018-19 term: (1) Leadership Retreat, (2) Mid-Atlantic Advocacy Academy, (3) District 4 Annual Meeting.  Read more by clicking on the photos below!













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